Scientific Program

Plenary Speakers

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Keynote Speakers

A) Self– and Directed Assembly in Colloidal Systems
Samanvaya Srivastava (UCLA) and Jaime Juarez (Iowa State)
Carol Hall (NC State), Ilona Kretzschmar(CCNY), and Jim Swan (MIT)
B) Emulsions, Bubbles, and Foams
Winnie Chang (Texas Tech) and Daniel Miller (Dow Chemical)
Dominque Langevin (Université de Paris Saclay) and Sujit Datta (Princeton U.)
C) Interfacial and Surface Forces
Younjin Min (UC Riverside) and Ray Dagastine (U. Melbourne)
Vivek Sharma (UIC) and Lynn Walker (CMU)
D) Active and Responsive Matter
Carlos Silvera Batista (Vanderbilt) and Bhuvnesh Bharti (LSU)
Ivan Smalyukh (U. Colorado-Boulder) and Oleg Lavrentovich (Kent State)
E) Rheology and Complex Fluids
Jeff Richards (Northwestern) and Amanda Marciel (Rice)
Norman Wagner (U. Delaware)
F) Wetting and Adhesion
Shu Yang (U Penn) and DJ Seo (BYU)
Kelly Schultz (Lehigh University) and Zhunkai Wang (City University of Hong Kong)
G) Advanced Experimental Methods in Colloids and Interface Science
Qian Chen (UIUC) and Muzhou (Mitchell) Wang (Northwestern) 
Dan Schwartz (U. Colorado), Jeff Rimer (U. Houston), and Vivian Ferry (U. Minnesota)
H) Bioelectronics: Interfacing Biology with Materials
Ariel Furst (MIT) and Yi Zhang (U. Missouri)
Anne Andrews (UCLA) and Rob Macfarlane (MIT)
I) Colloids and Interfaces in Biology and Medicine
Lydia Kisley (Case Western) and Sarah Perry (U Mass)
Omer Saleh (UCSB) and Carlos Rinaldi (U Florida)
J) Nanomaterials and Advanced Manufacturing
Amy Peterson (UMass-Lowell), Esteban E. Ureña-Benavides (UMiss), and Angel Marti (Rice)
Virginia Davis (Auburn U.) and Andrew Boydston (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
K) Scanned Probe Methods and Applications
James Batteas (Texas A&M) and Dalia Yablon (SurfaceChar LLC)
Jonathan Felts (Texas A&M)  and Gang-Yu Liu (UC Davis)
L) Plasmonics
Stephan Link (Rice) and Matt Sheldon (Texas A&M)
Kallie Wiletts (Temple U.) and Prashant Jain (UIUC)
M) Colloids and Interfaces Related to Oil and Gas
Valentina Prigiobbe (Stevens) and Clint Aichele (OK State)
Marcio S. Carvalho (PUC-Rio) and Wen Song (UT Austin)
N) Chemistry of Colloidal and Interfacial Systems
Matt Jones (Rice) and Rob Macfarlane (MIT)
Eugenia Kumacheva (U. Toronto), Paul Weiss (UCLA), and Jon Owen (Columbia U.)
O) Fundamental Aspects of Colloidal and Interfacial Science
Ning Wu (Mines) and Vivek Narsimhan (Purdue)
Daeyeon Lee (U. Penn) and Eric Weeks (Emory U.)